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IRS 1040 Processing Time

The Internal Revenue Service’s processing times for Forms 1040 (tax returns) vary depending on how the taxpayer filed his or her tax return. The processing time for electronically filed tax returns is less than mailed returns. 

This is simply due to how easily they are processed. Since an IRS employee needs to go through your refund carefully when you mail in one, it adds up to the amount of time you’ll wait. So if you want the IRS to process your return and get your refund as quickly as possible, file taxes electronically.

The below table shows how long it takes for the IRS to process returns and send refunds from the date the agency receives the tax return.

IRS processing times for e-filing, mailed-in returns, paper checks, and direct deposits

/table of refund schedule

There is no doubt that those who file taxes electronically and opt for direct deposit for their refunds get done with taxes much faster. File taxes electronically and get your refund direct deposited to your bank account to look forward to the next tax season. If you’ve already filed your return and wondering when you might receive your tax refund. Here is the refund schedule that can help you speculate when your refund might arrive.

Refund Schedule for the 2021 tax season

Date of Return Received by the IRSDirect DepositRefund Check
February 28March 12March 21
March 7March 19March 28
March 14March 26April 5
March 21April 2April 12
March 28April 9April 19
April 4April 16April 26
April 11April 23May 2
April 18April 30May 9
April 25May 7May 16
May 2May 14May 23
May 9May 21May 30
May 16May 28June 6
May 23June 5June 13
May 30June 12June 20
June 6June 19June 27

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